At Channeline International, we believe that the quality and performance of our finished product is our greatest selling tool. Our quality philosophy is simple: To produce the best GRP Structural Sewer Rehabilitation liners in the world yet to continually strive to improve in all that we do so as to further enhance the quality and performance of our products. This is a continuous process which actively integrates all personnel involved in the manufacturing process from senior management through all factory shop floor staff, with “Pride in our Product” being a company mantra. Our manufacturing facility has been, for many years certified operators to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015/ ISO 14001:2015 / ISO 45001:2018 / ASTM standards (USA & Canada) / BS EN Standards (Europe) / ISO Standards (International) / AS Standards (Australia) / WRC / ANSI / ASQC, confirming a Global compliance. We also have product certifications such as QB & BENOR.”

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