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Standard Channeline panels are manufactured with a socket and spigot joint, with adequate clearance and tolerance such that one panel connects easily into the next when positioned into the pipeline or sewer. For many projects, Channeline panels are manufactured in 2.4 meters (8.0 ft.) long solid sections. Optional in-line jointing can be facilitated where it is necessary to provide a liner of maximum external diameter and minimum annular gap, thus eliminating the 10mm (0.4 inch) allowance required for the socket overlap. The following shapes and forms can be produced by our factory in Dubai in any size required:

Channeline Multi Segmental

Often due to either transportation problems or difficulties associated with access to the pipeline (e.g. entry only permitted through manholes), or in the case of a particularly large structure, it is desirable for the panels to be manufactured in two or more longitudinal sections which are site bonded above or below ground using our patented structural tongue and groove jointing system, positioned at the points of intersecture, i.e. at the points of zero bending.

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This unique made to measure moulded Curved Liner is complementing the Channeline range, which offers a unique solution for lining bends for any size or shape with an integrated gasket seal. Most older sewers and pipelines exhibit unintended deviations or deliberate direction changes, often being of a short radius nature. The Channeline socket and spigot jointing method allows for the alignment of each sequential panel installation to accommodate small direction changes and off- sets quickly and easily. Where more severe direction changes and short radius bends are encountered in the pipeline Channeline can provide computer modelling and the fabrication of custom built short sectional or lobster type bend sections.

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This Slip Liner version allows for slip-line installation (non-man-entry) in live sewer flow conditions, reducing installation costs both in time and elimination of over-pumping.

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Channeline-MH (ManHole) is a custom made product to accommodate any size and shape of the existing manhole structure, including the top transition cone section. Once installed and grouted in place, the manhole forms a rigid fully load bearing structure, with a life expectancy of over 100 years. The Channeline-MH product can be designed and produced in multiple panel sections for ease of handling, transportation and installation. Our in line high strength joints are combined with a lubricated silicon filled rollover gasket, providing ease of connection and a high integrity pressure tight seal. Easy to position, with our mounted centralizing skids, and easy to jack straight line lengths of 350 meters (1200 feet) and more can be accommodated in a single insertion process.

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The Channeline SL-3 system combines the advantages of Channeline SL, allowing for non-man-entry and live flow installation, with the benefits of multi segmental delivery, allowing for reduction in transportation costs and accommodating for construction constraints.

Channeline Lateral Connections and Fittings

Many sewers and pipelines are constructed with incoming lateral connections throughout the length of the structure. The rehabilitation of these lateral connections is easy and straightforward with the Channeline liner product. Laterals can be connected with mesh and mortar or where necessary, for severely degraded lateral connections repair mortars and GRP inserts can be prefabricated, installed and subsequently bonded to the main sewer liner to provide a smooth, durable solution.

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