Health, Safety & Environment

Consistent with all elements of our business Channeline strives to attain excellence and the highest standards in health, safety and environment. It goes without saying that with a company policy this bold; we stand or fall by our performance. This performance translated into achieving ISO certification as certified operators for:

Central to our position on safety and environment is Channeline’s Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Policy. The HSE Policy is implemented using Channeline’s HSE Management System, the elements of which form the cornerstone for our regional operations of all the company’s facilities. In order to maintain excellence on all levels of health, safety and environment we offer a comprehensive in-house training program to all our employees. We also use independent training and certifying agencies, which, in addition to our own extensive in-house training program guarantees that the company’s procedures have become a natural way of working at all levels.

Beyond the Ordinary